It all began with the needs.
Long long time ago, from far far away.
A group of people who travelled from place to place,
hunt for food.

Then, one day, one of them had a thought.
Why travel?
Why not settle down on one place.
Where close to water.
Where food could be grown.

So they searched for a suitable location and stayed for good.

Some good years followed with a bad year.
They learned, so they thought.
Storage were built.

The first storage they built was seated on top of four poles.
They thought that if raised the storage up,
can avoid food stolen by other small four-feet creatures.
and can keep dry in case of water overflowed from nearby river.

They realized that, to live was not relied only on food.
They needed a spirit, for whom they can pray, they can worshiped to keep their strength.
So the temple was built.

Temple, served not only as the home of the Spirit,
also as the home of the Treasure, such as: book, clothing, furniture and tool.

Years after years,generations after generation, population grew.
Trees had been chopped down.
for building another and another houses.
At the back of houses, away from the front yard,
a home storage was built.

At the centre of the town, on the main street,
there were two rows of stores, where had almost all the necessaries, that town people needed.

To build a storage was never easy.
It took roughly three years to build,
and over 600 workers.

Storages were mostly built with wood,
that is not fire-proof.
In order to be safer, they thought.
And tried every possible method.
Special treatment on wall,
securely sealed windows,
tiled roof,
and a special motif on the roof to keep away the devil,
a sprit image to protect from fire, water.

No matter how they had done.
Once a while, one of the house was caught fire,
fire spread and burned down a whole town.

They finally thought,
there must be an another way to store.

Evolution of Building