Hotel Dieu

"On this Sunday, the fourth of August in the year of our Lord 1443, I, Nicholas Rolin, Knight, Citizen of Autun, Lord of Authume and Chancellor of Burgundy, ignoring all worldly concerns and in the interests of my salvation; desirous of, by fortunate trade, exchanging for heavenly possessions those earthly possessions that God has generously bestowed upon me and to make that which is perishable eternal; by virtue of the authorization of the Holy See, in recognition of the possessions that Our Lord, source of all blessings, has bestowed on me; henceforth and forever I found and irrevocably endow in the City of Beaune a hospital for the needy with a chapel to the honour of the Almighty and His glorious mother, Mary ever Virgin, in veneration of and dedicated to the Blessed Antoine, abbot. I establish make this foundation under the following conditions..."

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