1. Formal kimono for wedding
  a)silk crepe with hand-painted flowers
  b)silk roh with yuzen painted landscape
  c)silk crepe, yuzen painted with embroidery
2. Uchikake
uchikake is wearing on top of wedding kimono
  a)silk & silver brocade with machine embroidery "crane"
  b)silk damask block printed "bamboo" & "turtle", with gold silk embroidery "plum"
  c)dyed sild with machine embroidery
"bamboo" means "patience", "turtle" or "crane" means "longevity", "plum" means "hope"
3. Semi-formal kimono for tea party, visiting friends
  a)silk damask furisode with shibori and gold embroidery
  b)haori with three crest, is wearing outside the kimono
4. Festival kimono
  silk damask, painted and enhanced with silk embroidery pawlonia tree
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