5. Kasuri, Japanese term for "Ikat"
  asa fiber cloth with weft ikat and double ikat
6. Haori for women
  a) cotton indigo dyed kasuri
  b) silk crepe
  c) silk damask
7. summer Kimono for men
  a) ramie indigo dyed with three crest
  b) more
8. Children kimono
  a) double kasuri
  b) silk crepe with stencil print
  c) silk crepe with stripe for new born baby
  d) festival kimono
9. kimono for work
  a) for gardener
  b) for firefighter
10. Sashiko
  Sashiko, refers to both the technique of stitching layers of cloth and the stitched products, to improve a clothes' warmth and strength, this is the kimono for ordinary people, usually using recycled materials.
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