When I heard that we were visiting Siena on the way to Rome, I knew there was a chance for me to see Simone Martini's painting, 'Guidoriccio da Fogliano'. It was painted in 1329 to commemorate the victory over the Castles of Montemassi and Sassoforte of Maremma, which had rebelled in iena in 1328. The centre of the painting shows a captain riding in lordly disdain towards the conquered castles, on the right in the background, with the military camp site on the left. The most striking part of this painting is the big expanse of blue sky and grey desert like ground.

Nearing the end of our trip, I had become tired of cathedrals, yet here again was another one. I wanted to stay outside and wait, but quickly joined the group when I was told that this cathedral contained some works by Michelagnelo.