La Scala

La Scala is the premier opera house in the world because of the high standard of its performances and because it is the testing ground for all the world's singers and musicians. It represents the goal and highest aspiration of every opera singer to perform there. If we say music is a living art in Italy, La Scala should take some credit for this. Because La Scale, one of the larger theatres is constitutionally obliged to put on a new opera at certain fixed dates of every year

It was built in 1778 by Maria Giuseppe Piermarini, where the church of S. Maria dalla Scala used to stand. The outside is rather simple with a neoclassical facade. The hall itself is horseshoe shape with four tiers of boxes and two galleries and is sumptuously decorated in neoclassical style, faithfully reconstructed after the serious damages suffered during the 1943 bombings. The theatre can hold 2800 spectators.
To the left of La Sacla, housed In the palace with the porticos is the Theatre Museum. It contains a precious collection of objects and relics relating to the history of La Scala Theatre. The Verdi collection is in two rooms with a well-dcumented collection of pictures and drawings relating to Verdi.

Among the many Verdi's portraits and photographs, there is one portrait on the wall that attracted my attention: it is the single portrait of Verdi's first wife, Margherita Barezzi, taken before the young composer found fame and fortune. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes that day. Probably because I had read about this portrait and now, standing in front of it the story had redoubled impact.