La Roncole

Le Roncole, just a few kilometers outside Busseto, is the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi. The humble house in which Verdi was born is now a national monument. Verdi's father was an innkeeper and his mother a spinner of yarn.
A year after Verdi's birth, the defeat of Napoleon brought victorious allied armies through northern Italy. The story has it that the pursuing Austrian and Russian forces indiscriminately killed many of the local folks of Busseto, including those who had taken refuge in the church of St Michele. Verdi's mother, however, had had the foresight to climb into the bell tower, and thus she and little Giuseppe were spared. A plaque at the back ouside wall of church says:

In this ancient and glorious tower,
In 1814
Luisa Uttini Verdi
Saved the little Beppino
From the bloody hordes
Of Russia and Austria
That were laying waste to this fertile region,
And saved for art and the land of Roncole
A lofty archangel,
And for the fortunate redemption of Italy,
A powerful bard
Who was a shining, everlasting glory,
A century later
The parish priest, Don Remigio Zardi,
As part of his parish work
And by other Catholic organizations
Commemorated the propitious date
By hanging this plaque.