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"Entering Milan one lovely spring morning - and what a spring, and what a country!.."

"This city became for me the finest place on earth... Milan was for me the place where I always wanted to live."

"As you know, I am in Milan; it is a big town, five times the size of Grenoble and faily well built, There is a church built in the Gothic style; that is to say its tracery is moulded into full arches; on second thoughts it is very striking, but it has not the spontaneous appeal of the sublime Patheon.."

"Architecture in Italy seems to me more alive than painting or sculpture. A Milanese banker will be miserly for fifty years of his life in order to finish building a house whose facade will cost him a hundred thousand francs more than if it consisted of an ordinary wall. It is the secret ambition of all the citizens of Milan to build a house, or at least to renovate the facade of that which they have inherited from their fathers.."

"Of all the cities in Eurpoe, Milan has the best streets, and the countryards inside the houses, too, are the finest. The square countyards are, as in ancient are perhaps twenty thousand granite pillars, quarried at Baveno on Lake Maggiore. They arrive here by means of the famous canal which joins the river Adda and Ticino."

"Eveny day I visit the box at the Scala The boxes are, as it known, like little drawing-rooms, where each lady could receive eight to ten friends at a time."


Two days we spent in Milan could only allow us to pay a short visit to Santa Maria delle Grazie,,Galleria, Duomo, Castello Sforzesco and the Casa di Riposo. Inside all the places we went there is a place,Cemetery, where catched my eyes and soul as well.