From the earliest times Lucca, with its abundant water supply and lush vegetation, situated at a crossroads of important trade routes, was destined to welcome diverse and very different people.
For the famous 16th century traveller, Montaigne, Lucca was the place for Bath.
For the opera goers, Lucca is the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini
No matter which reason brought us to Lucca, this is my favourite city of this trip, thanks to no small part to our guide. he showed us not only the history of Lucca, but also Lucca of the present time, the real town life, the industries, his pride in their vineger. He treated us to local made bread (futachio), he pointed out the medieval store, what it looked like and how the store is still open for business. He also took us to see the oldest house; the status of St. Michael with movable wings; the mark left by Pisa's solider on the outside wall of St. Michele church in 11th century and Lucca's Romanesque-Gothic Guinigi Palazzo and tower with holm oaks planted on top of the tower.

Puccini shared the town with legions of musicians, our guide declared. Lucca is a place of music, he said.