Few people have not heard of Michelangelo's David. We all heard about hour-long lineups to get into The Uffizi for a view. This would be my third visit to Florence, but I feel I still have a lot to see. Florence is a life-long study.

The narrow, stone-paved Medieval street with the iron hitching rings on the walls is the first image of FLorence and it is this picture that come to mind whenever Florence is mentioned.

On my second trip, I spent some time walking in the early morning, before the crowds come to the square, before the stores open. The heavy duty metal hinch on Ponte Vecchio's jewelry stores will forever be inprinted in my mind. There are a few phenomenon can't be observed during the busy hours, however, Florence is a city that never truly sleeps.

I decided to leave the tours and the crowds this time and did my own walking. There is no other place better than Boboli Garden. Had lunch at Kaffeehaus, with its a great panaramic view of Florence. Piece of quiet I gained from this garden walk, I was very content.

Just across the street from Palazzo Pitti is Casa Guidi, once home to Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Most of Elizabeth Browning's poetry originated there.

"I heard last night a little child go singing
'Neath Casa Guidi windows, by the church,
O bella liberta, O bella - stringing
The same words still on notes he went in search
So high for, you concluded the upspringing
Of such a nimble bird to sky from perch
Must leave the whole bush in a tremble green,
And that the heat of Italy msut beat,
While such a voice had leave to rise serene
"Twixt church and palace of a Florence street:
A little child, too, who not long had been
By mother's finger steadied on his feet,
And still O bella liberta he sang.