Nee-ah-gah-rah meaning "Thundering Waters" is the Iroquois tribe pronunciation of Niagara.

They believed that the sound of the cataract was the voice of a mighty spirit that swelt in the water.

At one time, the people lived there were dying from an unknown diease. Every year they sacrified the most beautiful maiden to make the mighty spirit happier.

One year the daughter of the chief Eagle Eye was chosen to be one of "Maiden of the Mist". Chief Eager Eye was a brave warrior and a noble chief. His wife was dead, the only daughter was very dear and precious to him, but he showed no sign of grief, no protest against the choice of his daughter for the sacrifice.

On the day of the sacrifice, the tribe gathered on the bank of the river. They were singing and dancing, just like any other special occasions. When the little white canoe carried the beautiful maiden in a pure white bridal dress appeared, crowds became quiet. Shortly after her canoe, entered another white canoe, Chief Eagle Eye was on his way to join his daughter.

With swift and strong movements through the rapids, both canoes were soon disappeared under the water.

"Thunder Water" the Mighty Spirit was so touched, he decided to send these two conoes to the opposite bank at American side and created the other Fall named Bridal Veil Falls for them to live and the Mighty spirt himself still lived at Canadian side.

That was probably the last sacrifice at Niagara Fall in 1679. And the beautiful Maiden of the Mist was Lela-Wala.