B o n s a i
Tip prunning:during growing season keeps tree small

Fertilizing:every 15-30 days from spring to late summer

Wiring: changes position of branch(left on for 6-12 months)

Watering: check daily, water only when needed

Drinage:soil draines mildly container has adequate holes

Corrective prunning: as needed to improve shape

Root pruning: every 2-5 years, keeps plant vigorous

Do not place your Bonsai near a source of hot or cold blow air such as radiator, air conditioner, a very windy spot or the top of a TV

Tropical and temperate trees that are placed in windows during winter should never have their leaves or needles touching a cold window or wall

To ensure even-growth all around the tree rotate the tree twice a month (2 weeks with one side facing the sun, the next 2 weeks the other side facing the sun)

Once you have found a good location for your Bonsai, move it as little as possible.

A brief readjustment period (1-4 weeks) is normal when the tree changes locations. Leaves dropping or needles turning brown, especially underneath or within areas of dense growth, is normal.

In summer when your Bonsai is outside, if it rains heavily, it is not necessary to water, but if it drizzles, you may have to water it

During the summer months the tree will benefit more by watering it in the morning, than in the evening

The benefits of putting your Bonsai outdoors for the summer far outweight the possibilities of getting insects

When you first get a Bonsai, look at in and touch it. This is what a healthy Bonsai looks like. If you have any questions or problems with it, call for help. Do not wait until the foliage is crispy or brittle to the touch, because at that point nothing can be done