Few words from Publisher
Commoiseur Co., renowned art purveyor and architectural consulant has devoted itself to the task of merging designs with collectable art. Art Deco of Antique is the fruit of many years of progress and experience. Containing 300 colour photographs with consise descriptions and emphasizing on functionality and spatial cohesion, this volume offers a collection of visual desights as well as a practical approach to redocrating.
The photos of "Before and After" renovation are also shown to all reader to judge, to compare.

The chapter titled "Ode to Spring, Sentiments of Taiwan" details the recent renovation of the Peitou Spring Resort Hotel, explaining the concepts and aims of the design. We look at the ratinale and functions of each environment and present an overall message that convey a powerful statement of the owner's pride and taste.

Another chapter introduces the reader to room lighting. using modern materials including steel, glass, burnished copper as a starting point, we can combine with art to express the beauty of postmodernism.

In celebration of the millennium and the advent of a new modernity, may this Art Deco of Antique enrich your life and your spirit.